Written By
Marissa Peretz


Beyond Snap: Los Angeles startups to watch

Snap, Inc.’s IPO has made many headlines recently, but it is just one piece of a much larger pie in Los Angeles. As a tech headhunting firm, we are fortunate to be able to meet a wide variety of people whose companies lay the foundation for the Silicon Beach community. So what other Los Angeles startups are on our radar?

Los Angeles loves cleantech

From the ubiquitous bike lanes in Santa Monica to the recently constructed expo line, LA is committed to sustainability, and we are unafraid to spend money on infrastructure and projects to prove it. With a mission to build a cleantech economy for LA, the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) is a non-profit that provides workspace, CEO mentoring, and access to capital to green tech companies. LACI was founded in 2011 by the City of Los Angeles, in partnership with UCLA, USC, Caltech, the Art Center College of Design, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Six of LACI’s portfolio companies are featured in a series of short films, distributed on Mashable, called THE INCUBATOR.

One featured company, Local Roots, transforms shipping containers into indoor farms called TerraFarms. This makes urban agriculture a compelling answer to our current food shortage. Other portfolio companies include Entrade, which turns trash into clean energy; Hive Lighting, which manufactures high output, energy efficient plasma lighting for TV and film.

Making a splash

Splash Ventures is a Silicon Beach accelerator that highlights startups with Israeli founders. Their current portfolio has a diverse range of industries: An AI math tutor chatbot named Mr. Miyagi, an eSports crowdfunding platform, “Quarterback,” where fans can fund teams in exchange for a revenue share of the team’s winnings, and Leaf, a smart system that helps optimize home cannabis farming.

What does the future hold for Los Angeles startups?

The spotlight may currently only be shining on one LA startup. However, we see hundreds more who are quietly but diligently toiling away on products and services that can change the way we do business and live our lives. LA is becoming a center of sustainability innovation. As more capital and talented people continue to flow into Silicon Beach, we have the chance to harness their passion, energy, and funds. It is exciting to think of the significant, positive change we see coming from our own backyard.