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Max Brown


Forbes quotes Marissa Peretz on millennial hiring managers

In an article called “How To Stand Out To A Millennial Hiring Manager,” our founder Marissa Peretz explored the framework that millennial hiring managers can use when evaluating candidates and provided advice for Gen X and Baby Boomers seeking employment from a millennial hiring manager.

One of the main things we’re passionate about is hiring for startups. And that does not require a specific age. It does require a significant amount of risk tolerance, since the first couple of years for a startup can be tumultuous, especially as the next funding round draws near. “For startups, we look for candidates whose risk tolerance is a bit higher than the average employee,” Marissa notes. “We want to make sure that people feel comfortable working for a stealth mode, pre-revenue company in exchange for the possibility of a higher future payout. They could be a younger candidate without a lot of family or monetary commitments, or they could be a more experienced candidate with stable finances and the desire for a change of pace.”

From our decade of tech recruiting for complex projects, we know that including a diverse range of experience can benefit the company too. “I have found that when everyone on the team thinks alike, it is easy to overlook potential weak points in the product,” Marissa observes. “This leads to a much longer development time and a significant increase in costs. Therefore, we look for candidates who respect their coworkers’ dissenting opinions and embrace diversity of thought. We want teammates to feel comfortable communicating to identify and address issues, whether they have years of wisdom or a fresh perspective.”

One of the most important takeaways is to make sure all hiring managers avoid using age as a factor in hiring, “but rather evaluate primarily for quality and character.” Check out the rest of the article, by Kaytie Zimmerman, on Forbes.