Written By
Max Brown


Founder Marissa Peretz Quoted in CEO Blog Nation

Recently, CEO Blog Nation Hearpreneur series spoke with a select number of successful entrepreneurs about why they love their business. Our founder Marissa Peretz gave an inspiring viewpoint about why we love what we do at Silicon Beach Talent.

“I love my business because my job is to help people achieve their dreams–both employers and people seeking new opportunities,” Marissa notes. “Even better, I can help our environment in the process. I am very passionate about helping sustainable technology companies hire the best talent, so sustainable tech is one key focus area of our business, so much so that we have an entire division that focuses just on that space. I also hear time and time again that people want a career with a whole package including meaningful work and a mission greater than themselves, compensation, work-life balance, and a strong, supportive corporate culture. I want every individual in my network to genuinely love their work, and love the team of talented professionals with whom they collaborate. So, I have the opportunity to work with companies, from startup through established corporate structure, to improve the work environment for employees, which can have a profound effect on a company’s voluntary attrition rate and bottom line.”

To hear from more entrepreneurs about what inspires them, read the full story on CEO Blog Nation. http://hear.ceoblognation.com/2016/09/17/15-entrepreneurs-discuss-why-they-love-their-business/