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Max Brown


Founder Marissa Peretz Quoted in Fortune

What is the next phase in auto manufacturing? In successful companies, culture and corporate structure change to reflect the needs of innovation. Industry leaders such as Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler realize that the best ways to attract talent change over time, and Fortune quotes Marissa Peretz whose recruiting experience gives her insights into how top tier companies recruit outstanding talent.

Candidates today need a compelling reason to join a company in an era of intense competition. People want the ability to operate within a flat and dynamic organization where position title is irrelevant, but ownership and responsibility are important. It is about giving people the autonomy and decision making ability to think about what is in the best interest of the product and company and to be able to influence others to come to an agreement quickly and then execute/implement even faster.  Daimler is adapting to excel in this market by implementing Silicon Valley management techniques. These include a focus on expedited decision making, employee empowerment, and flattening bureaucracy.

Our founder, Marissa Peretz, who successfully built teams and departments as a recruiter at Tesla, notes that a corporate culture of freedom was key to success.

“Tesla offered employees ownership and entrepreneurial freedom. To make changes at an established company is a bureaucratic process. Tesla’s success has given executives the confidence to consider joining other start-up carmakers,” she said.

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