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Max Brown


Founder Marissa Peretz Quoted in Money

In 2017, underpaid employees will have more support in their efforts to close the gender pay gap. Kristen Bahler of Time’s popular Money Magazine recently explored the evolving legal landscape, including the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge. She quoted Silicon Beach Talent founder Marissa Peretz about the best way to initiate a conversation with a boss about this delicate issue, along with proactive steps to help demonstrate effort and success levels on par with peers.

First, find a time to approach your boss when you both have the ability to focus on the conversation. Then, be polite and direct, saying something like: “I overheard someone talking about their salary, and it sounds like I’m not being paid commensurate with my peers. Can we talk about why that is?” Frame this in a positive light, and focus on your plan to continue growing with the company, noting that you appreciate your boss’s mentorship. Follow this up with a solution of recurring check-ins and evaluations, tying pay increases to benchmarks until compensation meets an equitable range.

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