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Max Brown


Founder Marissa Peretz quoted in Reuters

As auto manufacturing evolves, the internal corporate organizational structure and management style within manufacturers needs to keep up. Our founder, Marissa Peretz observes that traditional companies like Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler realize that they need their culture to evolve in order to stay competitive when hiring exceptional tech talent, because these engineers are now accustomed to being courted and empowered. Daimler is welcoming this change by adapting Silicon Valley management techniques. These include a focus on expedited decision making, employee empowerment, and flattening bureaucracy.

Marissa, who successfully built teams and departments as a recruiter at Tesla, notes that a corporate culture of freedom was key to success.

“Tesla offered employees ownership and entrepreneurial freedom. To make changes at an established company is a bureaucratic process. Tesla’s success has given executives the confidence to consider joining other start-up carmakers,” she said.

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