Written By
Marissa Peretz


Founder Max Brown Quoted in Computerworld

The only constant in the tech industry is change. It follows suit that your career should be an ever-evolving adventure to ensure that you keep your skills up to date. Computerworld explores strategies to help refresh your career, or pivot to a more lucrative endeavor, and quotes our founder Max Brown who provides his expertise.

“Trying to build a new career while maintaining your current one is a bit like trying to change a tire while driving on the freeway,” Max notes. “Unless your employer is on board with your reinvention process, you’ll likely have to pull over to the side of the road and do it on your own time.

“The best way for an IT veteran to reinvent themselves is to build up a portfolio of side projects. This won’t happen overnight; it takes time to learn new skills, either through self-study and online courses or through a coding boot camp. If your employer isn’t supportive, you may be able to find an early-stage founder willing to take a chance on you. Or you may have to take a deep breath and strike out on your own.”

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