Written By
Marissa Peretz


Founder Max Brown quoted in Inc.

You spend a lot of time preparing for a job interview. You study, take additional coursework in your field to keep up with trends, and you try to put our best foot forward and present your truest self in the interview process. You endure rigorous interview processes, you trust that your reputation for hard work will be reflected in our references, and you negotiate firmly yet artfully. Finally, after much hard work and determination, you’ve secured the job! You’ve crossed the finish line! Or have you?

The hardest part is yet to begin. Now, you have to make friends and influence people all over again in a completely new environment. You have to bring your social and political A game at the same time that you hit the ground running and prove yourself on the merits of your job description.

One of the best ways to prove yourself in a new job is simply to do work, be a collaborative team member, and accomplish tasks that help you and your colleagues succeed in team objectives. Another way to succeed is to establish an honest, direct, and polite communication style. Your colleagues, after all, are human. Communication is one of the most important activities you engage in all day, and it affects your ability to work effectively with your team.

What sorts of behaviors should you avoid in order to make the best impression? Our cofounder Max was quoted in Inc as he cautions against an over reliance on technology. “Some people email you even though they are sitting literally 15 feet away,” Max notes. “Trust me, your issue will be resolved more efficiently and pleasantly if you just take the time to walk over and speak to your colleague.”

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