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Max Brown


SBT On Forbes: Can LeBron James Improve Your Recruiting Strategy?

Leaders often use sports analogies when explaining strategies to win in business because both sports and business involve fierce competition, teamwork, and pressure. One such example is how the LA Lakers wisely recruited LeBron James as a ‘halo hire.’ What is a halo hire, and how can you use that strategy to take your company to the next level? My colleague Marissa Peretz explores this topic in her latest Forbes post.

When You Go After A “Halo Hire,” You Need The Right Game Plan

When the Los Angeles Lakers signed LeBron James as a free agent, the entire sports world gasped. It was “the road back to greatness” said the Los Angeles Times. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Snoop Dogg, celebrities rushed to Twitter to welcome LeBron and praise the Lakers deal-making. “There is a God! There must be Magic!” exclaimed actor/rapper Ice Cube on his social media feed.

A “halo hire” is a key step in the development of any startup, and the approach the Lakers took to landing LeBron can guide companies that want to win the war for talent. Consider the strategy the Lakers employed and how smart companies have used a similar game plan to fill key positions.

If you want to know how to recruit someone of this caliber, read Marissa’s latest Forbes post.