Written By
Max Brown


Founder Marissa Peretz Panel Judge at Boston University Pitchfest

Last week my Co-founder Marissa Peretz was a judge for Boston University’s 2017 Media Ventures Pitchfest. The event runs parallel to graduation for Boston University’s Masters of Science in Media Ventures program, and is a culmination of the graduate students’ studies in entertainment and interactive media. Each student in the program has an idea for an entertainment or media tech startup when they enter the program, and this is their chance to have their business model critiqued by experienced industry veterans. The program itself begins in Boston on the university’s main campus, and then students move out to Los Angeles for an intensive study and internship program in the heart of the entertainment industry.

The panelists included a wide range of key influencers in the entertainment tech industry: Danny Baram, Senior Manager of Product Development & Programming, Digital Distribution at NBCUniversal; Tim Carr, Head of Social Media & Content Marketing at Live Nation; Javon Frazier, EVP, Business Development at Studio71; Laurent Grill, Venture Lead and  Investor at Luma Pictures; Lynn Hirshfield, SVP, Strategic Alliances at Participant Media; Jeremy Lowe, Brand, Marketing & Digital Strategy at Dick Clark Productions; John Reid, Founder at SKY Psychological Brand Design and a music producer; Oscar Rohena, iTunes Movies at Apple, and Sharona Sanieoff, Senior Manager, Media Strategy at mllnnl.

“It was exciting to see the passion and professionalism that the students displayed as they presented their startups,” Marissa said. “They clearly put a lot of thought, planning, and market research into each business idea.” For more information on Boston University’s Media Ventures program, visit their website.