Written By
Marissa Peretz


Max Brown Guest Blog in L.A. Biz: Snap IPO

By now, people who are knowledgeable about the tech and startup ecosystem in Los Angeles have thoroughly discussed what Snap’s IPO means for current Snap, Inc employees. However, few have closely examined what this means for the future of Silicon Beach. My Cofounder Max Brown explores the topic in detail for a guest blog in L.A. Biz.

We expect to see an influx of capital into Los Angeles. This can have a positive impact on funding for future startups here. It also lowers people’s risk aversion to joining startups. Seeing people receive a windfall from their stock options takes the American dream from a story that happens to others to something tangible that has happened to their neighbors and friends.

More startup opportunities also mean that our job market becomes more favorable to candidates. For highly skilled technical candidates, it truly is a job seeker’s market.

For the complete perspective, read Max’s full guest blog post in L.A. Biz.