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Max Brown


SBT on Forbes: Corporate? Or Freelance?

People often assume that millennials prefer freelancing over corporate jobs. My partner Marissa Peretz‘s most recent column on Forbes explores other perspectives. She spoke with successful leaders in large corporations, millennials who had experience with both freelancing and corporate jobs and those who chose the corporate path from the beginning.

Some of the the opinions expressed included the fact that larger companies often have a greater level of financial stability which allows them to provide more formal programs that benefit employees. Larger companies also have dedicated teams to take care of the administrative work such as tracking down payments for outstanding invoices or making sure taxes are filed correctly. Companies with a big presence also afford the opportunity to build greater networks, so even if freelancing is something you want to consider in your future, starting out in the corporate world can give you a solid base that can help you freelance in the future as well.

One opportunity that companies are beginning to take advantage of is harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit. People who have the motivation to tackle large challenges within the organization as an intrapreneur with access to the company’s large resource pool are valuable employees who can foster an innovative spirit.

Perhaps the best thing someone can do to help choose between corporate and freelance is to consider the effect of their current decisions on their future career. “My advice to someone in their late twenties is really to look forward and ask where am I going, who am I becoming, and is this what I want,” said Gautam Srivastava, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Universal Music. “It’s been some time, since you were immersed in your parents’ advice, since you left college, since the pressure to get that first job and get it right. Now, it’s about you and your best answer to, what do I want to do. It’s not the first time you have asked yourself that question, but now you have a bit of time, experience, scars, and successes. So what you bring to that answer has a level of sophistication, nuance, reality, and personal voice that it didn’t have before – that’s a good thing.”

Read the full article, “Do Millennials Prefer Corporate Jobs to Freelancing,” by Silicon Beach Talent Founder Marissa Peretz on Forbes.