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Max Brown


SBT on Forbes: Is It FOMO? Or Great Opportunity?

We’re in a different job market than we were a few years or months ago. Candidates have the upper hand. Therefore, it’s a good idea to remain objective during the interview process so that you can accurately evaluate each job role you apply for without feeling FOMO and getting emotionally involved in the process. My partner Marissa’s latest Forbes post, excerpted below, provides salient advice on how to avoid FOMO and find truly great opportunities.

Is this a pivotal moment?

Take a close look at the company and the industry as a whole to examine whether this is a pivotal moment in history that you can be part of.

Most companies will tell you in the interview process that their company is the next great thing. To determine whether a company is truly having a watershed moment in their history or whether an industry is about to take off, start asking specific questions about how that company will impact the future in the near term. Compare that with what the company has accomplished so far. An executive or hiring manager who has thought this through should be able to share their vision with you.

Is there a real sense of urgency?

Companies can sometimes create a sense of urgency to get you to commit and start a new job faster. Candidates can figure out how urgently a company really needs them by asking about project timelines. To do this, ask about how these timelines relate to the company roadmap. For instance, if there a new program scheduled to launch on X date and there is an opportunity to develop a key feature but the company needs to complete the feature soon, you have determined a real business need and can estimate how much time is needed to execute. If the need is so urgent, what will the company offer you to convince you to join?

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