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Max Brown


Is The Job Description Obsolete? SBT on Forbes

Post a job description, hire, repeat. Post, hire, repeat. If your recruiting process sounds like a broken record, maybe it’s time to change the tune. My partner Marissa Peretz discusses whether this template is obsolete in her latest article on Forbes. Companies like Netflix understood this a decade ago.

If talent is hard to find, change your job description

It is still a candidate’s market. That means companies have to put forth the effort to show people why a specific company is the right opportunity for them. One way to fix this is for the hiring manager to be very involved in creating the job description. Take some time to think. What is is that you most need now? You don’t need someone to be a generic employee. You need someone with the skills and expertise to accomplish a specific objective. So state that clearly, and make sure you are up front about what the future employee will get out of the position as well.

For further analysis on what makes a compelling job description, read Marissa’s article on Forbes.