Written By
Max Brown


SBT on Forbes: Lyft’s Culture Success Secrets

It’s tough to build a values based culture. It’s even harder to maintain it as the company grows. This week on Forbes, my colleague Marissa Peretz shows how Lyft leads by example to build a robust and sustainable culture even as the company experiences exponential growth.

What are your company values?

A company’s beliefs and closely held values should be easily tangible for  employees of all levels and experience within the organization. Finding a straightforward way to communicate these values is important. If you find it difficult as an executive or founder to put company values into a concise statement, then it’s a good idea to take some time to ruminate on those values. They end up affecting the culture of the organization and, ultimately, productivity.

Lyft creates personal touches during the hiring process.

In an increasingly competitive environment to hire top candidates, the companies who win are the ones who show prospective employees that the company considers their individuality and respects them as people. For Lyft, that means planning the flow of the interview process to make everyone comfortable and then following up with a personal note afterwards.

For more secrets on Lyft’s culture, read Marissa’s article on Forbes.