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Max Brown


SBT on Forbes: Millennials Prefer 5 Tech Hubs To Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has been the most popular of the US tech hubs in popular opinion for a while. However, my partner Marissa Peretz recently found that this opinion is changing, especially for people early in their careers.

Silicon Valley used to be the largest destination for tech talent. However, millennials are leaving San Francisco due in part to the high cost of living, and a recent study by Glassdoor found that the percentage of software jobs has increased in other cities such as New York, NY, Austin, TX and Washington, D.C. The allure of tech jobs in San Francisco is still strong. How are other cities competing for the brightest minds in tech?

Los Angeles, CA

With a history of entertainment, media and aerospace, Los Angeles now boasts a community of accelerators, incubators, venture capital funds and angel investors and embraces its identity as Silicon Beach.

“Los Angeles is a special place to be building a tech startup,” said Matt Danna, cofounder & CEO, Boulevard. “Weather aside, there’s a real sense of openness and collaboration among entrepreneurs. In other cities, many founders tend to believe that venture capital equates to success, leading to a competitive, zero-sum game mentality. Because investors are less prevalent in LA, there’s a focus on building mission-driven movements, profitable businesses, and conviction for mass-market potential. Storytelling, branding, and value creation supersede tech stack, software development methodologies, and office snacks.”

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