Written By
Max Brown


SBT on Forbes: Will Millennials Be A Protected Class?

Everything You Think You Know About Millennials In the Workplace May Not Only Be Wrong – It May Be Hurting Your Company

Many people understand that stereotypes can directly harm the people they target. What some people don’t understand, however, is that stereotypes can harm relationships, opportunities to collaborate with intelligent people, and can impact a company’s bottom line by poisoning company culture. The same is true for people who use the term “millennial” as an epithet. Marissa Peretz describes a different way to view millennials in her latest Forbes article.

Do millennials age?

People intellectually categorize millennials as people born between 1982 and 2004. However, when asked to describe their behavior, they associate behavior more befitting of someone in high school or their first year in college than someone who might have a decade of work experience under their belt and is perhaps now a leader in a company. Thinking about people as individuals, at different stages of their career and life, may help break down these barriers.

For more advice about how to think about this cohort, read Marissa’s post on Forbes.