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Max Brown


SBT on Forbes: Here Are My Negotiating Tips For Women

Negotiating with a future boss can be a daunting task when you are attempting to establish the foundations of a strong working relationship at the same time.  This is because the process can bring out the worst in people and even sour a deal in the eleventh hour.

For this reason, a lot of people sell themselves short by not asking for as much as they should during the interview process. However, my partner Marissa Peretz wants to level the playing field in  her latest Forbes column. Here are her negotiating tips for women, because we have seen a lot of men, and fewer women, successfully use these methods. Here is an excerpt from her article.

Establish your deal breakers early on

People think negotiation starts when they receive an offer, and that it is something they should keep close to the vest. Marissa starts negotiating when she meets people, and uses an authentic process to build a bridge. This approach requires openness and for both sides to be transparent about their non-negotiables from the beginning. Ask for things that are really important, but be prepared for the no and be ready to walk away. Remember that negotiating is not just about money, it is about role, responsibility, commute time, flexibility, visibility to leadership, and how this shapes a career path.

When negotiating results in a great offer, stop negotiating

98% of the time we recommend that candidates negotiate and ask for more. However, if the employer has given everything the candidate asked for, they should not haggle. Negotiations can really get ugly when a candidate changes the goal posts and keeps asking for more. This causes the company to second guess the candidate’s motivations and personality characteristics. We have seen candidates give a salary number, receive an offer with that number, then request a higher number. It never goes over well.

For more tips, read Marissa’s full post on Forbes.