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Max Brown


SBT on Forbes: Stop Worrying About Your Job Title

We see a counterproductive pattern in a lot of smart people who apply for roles. They become fixated on the exact words used in the job title, and in doing so they risk losing sight of the big picture.

Especially if you want to join a lean startup, you’re going to wear a lot of hats. Your job title does not describe your day to day or the limits of your authority, because your scope of work may shift or expand to include new responsibilities as you progress towards the next goal or promotion in your career. My cofounder Marissa Peretz discusses this in her latest post for Forbes.

A true leader does not need a job title

From years of experience, we have found that the people who do not care about job titles are the high performers. They know that they can exert influence despite titles because they create relationships and trust with others through understanding business needs and how to mutually support one another to achieve goals. One example of this is whether their colleagues listen to them when they have an idea or respect their suggestions.

Put job satisfaction first

Career fulfillment and happiness come from the level ownership someone has, the team they are surrounded by and the meaning behind the work, not from the given title they have. Some people see title as a status symbol. However, if I compare a VP who presides over a sliver of a business to someone who led others to achieve business goals, I usually find that the latter to be a better choice.

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