Written By
Max Brown


SBT on Forbes: Is Our Work Schedule Changing The Way We Eat?

Our work schedules and commute times are very different now from 10 years ago. We’re also growing more conscious about the food that we eat. Silicon Beach Talent Founder Marissa Peretz explores this change in her recent Forbes post.

Whether you have landed your dream job or are just starting your career, lunch and dinner provide a way to bond, network, and share wisdom with friends and teammates. Breakfast can offer the same camaraderie, for those of us who wake up before the sun does. Back in college, our schedules were flexible and the nearest farmer’s market was generally within hiking distance. As we entered the workforce with longer work hours than previous generations and full podcast length commute times,  we considered the time it takes to shop in a large grocery store and the limited options of most chain restaurants. We craved easier, healthier, and more sustainable options which is why locally sourced produce and meal delivery services are such a huge trend.

We also know that when we buy food from local sources, it creates jobs and benefits our local economy. So the question is: where are we getting our food?

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