Written By
Marissa Peretz


SBT’s Max Brown On Fast Company: Toughest Interview Question?

People spend a lot of time preparing for a job interview. Some questions are easier to answer, while others can be quite tricky. How do you avoid disaster during a stressful interview when the interviewer gives you a tough question? My partner Max Brown shares his toughest interview question with Fast Company.

“In my five years as a recruiter at Tesla Motors,” Max said, “I interviewed over a thousand job candidates, many of them for competitive technical roles. But no matter what the position, there was always one simple question that would trip them up more than any other: Tell me about your most significant technical accomplishment, the project that you’re most proud of.”

This sounds innocuous at first. However, it is a deceptively difficult question to answer. Many people’s first instinct is to try to list the most impressive achievement they can remember. What should they really say? My cofounder Max Brown has the answer in his article for Fast Company.