Written By
Max Brown


Silicon Beach Fest and the Growing LA Tech Scene

Our founder Marissa Peretz was a featured panelist in the “Hiring For Startup Success” panel at this year’s Silicon Beach Fest. The panel included prominent startup founders and legal counsel. They discussed strategies for startups to create a successful foundation for hiring, and methods for companies at any stage to attract and retain top talent. The event itself draws a crowd of thousands, including local entrepreneurs in all stages of business and funding, along with venture capitalists, investors, founders, and business leaders from across the globe.

“Companies who put a lot of effort and resources into retaining employees, in addition to spending resources in the hiring process, find themselves with a stronger corporate culture, a robust institutional knowledge, and a lower rate of voluntary attrition,” Marissa notes. “This is especially important when companies compete for high caliber talent in an aggressive hiring climate.”

The same can be true of the general tech scene in Southern California. Stronger companies with more engaged employees are the foundation for what has long been considered the new up-and-coming area of tech development in southern California, also referred to as Silicon Beach. Events like Silicon Beach Fest and people and organizations like Carmen Palafox and Noramay Cadena of Make in LA, Espree Devora from We Are LA Tech, Kevin Winston from Digital LA, and Zach Sekar from the LA Tech Happy Hour have helped create a more sustainable and inclusive environment for tech growth.
Taking extra time and effort to lay a strong foundation network of companies, leaders, and entrepreneurs in the Silicon Beach community will help position Los Angeles as a tech powerhouse. This, in turn, can strengthen the local economy and provide a community of innovators with an environment conducive to opportunity, like a network of incubators.
For more information on the panel, visit the Silicon Beach Fest site.