Written By
Max Brown


Silicon Beach Talent Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary!

We have been so busy since we founded Silicon Beach Talent in 2015, that it was easy to forget company milestones to focus on task completion. But this week, around our company’s second anniversary, we stop to reflect on our successful first two years.

One of the most incredible things we noticed starting a company in 2015 was the evolving Los Angeles tech and startup ecosystem. We had the pleasure of meeting people at Make in LA who share our passion for creating hardware. We met members of Tech Coast Angels and Pasadena Angels to learn about the current and future startup landscape. We found and placed truly brilliant engineers into companies where they focus on real solutions for sustainable transportation. We helped people in a myriad of startups hire teammates to work on tech that sounds like science fiction until you interact with a magnificent working prototype. We also had the opportunity to invest in and advise exciting startups like background verification service Serenify, virtual reality innovator Emerge, Inc., online knitting empire Kitterly, and media tech company FEM Inc.

We had to clear some hurdles, too. When we founded our business, we knew we had to shift our mindset. We were no longer employees of a large company. We quickly stepped into the role of business owners. Running our own headhunting firm is vastly different from working for a large company. There is no large department that takes care of administrative tasks, accounting, payroll, business development, and revenue forecasting while we manage people in a single department. The buck stops with us. We own, and feel completely accountable for, each decision our company makes. We work for someone who does not care about our excuses. Someone who can be the toughest boss we have ever met: ourselves. It is completely up to us how hard we work, how strategically we build relationships, and how well we deliver on expectations. However, our opportunities are limitless. And the feeling of success that we have earned with our own sweat equity is like no other feeling in the world.

As we begin our third year, we are excited to see the influx of tech companies as Silicon Beach becomes a larger tech hub. We have worked with some truly brilliant and incredible people so far, and we look forward to continuing our mission in 2017: we’re a boutique company that combines the best resources of headhunting agencies and the hands-on experience of internal recruiters, working with innovative design and engineering companies as we continue to build the vibrant LA tech ecosystem.