Written By
Marissa Peretz


Silicon Beach Talent Founders Quoted in Forbes

Forbes contributor Ron Carucci recently caught up with my Silicon Beach Talent Co-Founder Max Brown and me to answer an important and often overlooked question that many startup founders face: ‘How To Scale Your Startup With The Best Talent.’

Startups have benefits and hurdles

Startups are still a prolific and popular option for career seekers, especially in tech and entrepreneurial hubs such as Silicon Beach, Silicon Valley, and a growing number of cities across the United States. However, it is challenging to say the least for these nascent companies to compete with large, established, and well funded companies for the same top tier talent. Here is some of the advice that we shared.

Hire for the long term.

While many leaders know how important it is to think longer term about their hires, the things they need done immediately cloud their thinking. The problem is that when you only hire for those immediate tasks, you end up with mediocrity you have to replace later. My partner Max agrees, noting that the talent you need for an initial minimum viable product (MVP) to secure a first round of funding is different from the skills required to finalize a consumer ready product. This can be difficult for founders to see if they do not have previous experience in a fully scaled company.  

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