Written By
Marissa Peretz


Tech.Co Quotes Founder Max Brown

Tech.Co’s Ronald Barba recently asked successful entrepreneurs the question “when did you realize that you were ready to start a business?” Our founder Max Brown gave an insightful and personal answer.

Max notes that there is never a time that will guarantee success. “Regarding knowing the perfect time to start a business: you really don’t know for sure; it’s always a risk. The optimal time is when the potential for rewards outweighs the risks, and only you can determine that point. I’ve started two businesses, one that failed and one that is succeeding, and in both cases it was part calculated risk, part leap of faith.”

It is prudent to do thorough research on the right time to start a business. However, for too many entrepreneurs, this research leads to an analysis paralysis. Market conditions will always be imperfect. No matter what your business plan looks like when you start out, experience and customer interaction always leads to iteration. There is a difference between creating a logical plan for testing a launching a business and waiting too long to press the start button.

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